5 Tips beard conditioner recipe : How to soften beard hair

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soften beard hair

As this ever happened to you personally?

You’re hanging out with your significant other.

Great discussions and bliss are ensuing.

You go in for a little kiss and you also hear them…

“Ouch, your beard hurts”

Whether you have a beard, want a beard, or want to develop a beard, these four steps can help you control and soften your mane.

So the question(s) is/are:

How can you properly maintain a beard?

What are the product recommendations?

These two questions plague several gents that are contemplating growing facial hair.  It may be confusing and overwhelming, I understand.  So allow me to show you how.

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1. Exfoliate to Remove Unwanted Particles

A facial cleanser using exfoliating beads are great for your beard, but occasionally it’s not quite sufficient.  Dead skin and other contaminants may get lodged in pretty tight, requiring a little more attention.

I advocate having a boar bristle brush to rid of your beard of dead skin cells and help stimulate and rejuvenate the surface.  The bristles of this brush are soft as opposed to synthetic bristles so that they won’t scratch your face.
The surface of each bristle is scaly and brings dust and surplus product in the hair as you use it that helps pre-clean each follicle.

2. Shampoo Your Beard Gradually

Frequency: 2-3 times a week

as men, we’ve got a tendency to be heavy handed and rough.

It’s required to wash our beard softly as we would like to prevent excessive tugging and pulling.  That may weaken your hair and result in thinning over time.

When washing, make certain you’re lathering the shampoo in a circular motion.  This will guarantee that your skin is becoming extra stimulation to maintain the pours open.  This is very good for rehydration.

Around motion also ensures that the entire follicle is getting nourished and washed.


make sure that you know what type of hair that you have.  If your hair is naturally dry you desire to use a sterile shampoo.  If you have greasy hair, which frequently holds merchandise more, then you may want to use a clarifying shampoo which strips the hair of oils that are harsh

3. Condition Your Beard Adequately

Frequency: 2-3 times per week (as frequently as you shampoo)

a conditioner is used for placing nutrients like botanical oils, Vitamin B-5, she butter, and Aloe Vera juice to nourish your mane.

When conditioning, make ensure that your hair is wet and let the conditioner sit on your face for 3-5 minutes.  This will allow the conditioner to fully be soaked up.

Another motive for your conditioner is to maintain your beard soft and manageable.  After you condition your beard you’ll be able to add a beard softener if you want to ensure that the feel of your hair remains the type that special somebody can and will appreciate.

4. Tame The Mane!

Frequency: As needed

Taming your blossom requires focus.  It involves one or all the following things:

  • Cutting
  • trimming
  • edging
  • brushing
  • combing

it’s crucial to do one or all of these to train your hair, create volume, and maintain the form of your beard.


If brushing or combing, pull on the brush or comb in the natural direction that your hair grows.  This will minimize tangling and yanking.  It also can assist with preventing unsightly and painful ingrown hairs.

5. Smooth Your Beard into Perfection

Frequency: Daily

if your beard hairs still look and feel such as wires (like mine), sometimes it requires more than simply conditioner to soften it fully.

That is where magical step number 5 comes in.

smoothing your blossom is straightforward.  It may be done by applying beard balm and/or a smoothing beard serum.  This item will leave your beard moisturized, frizz-free, shiny, and smooth.  It seals in the moisture also guarantees that the hair cuticle (outer area of the hair shaft) is smooth.

Jagged hair cuticles can lead to split ends and wavy hair.  A beard serum or some other smoothing product will help prevent this from happening.


Things to Search for in Beard Care Products

Products which use natural oils, vitamins and roots are a preferred.  Argon oil is a must.
Additionally, the merchandise should ideally be free of sulfate, parables, petroleum, and silicone.


In Summary

If great hair is essential then the blossom falls directly in line with that opinion.  Use these steps to create and maintain a marvelous, manageable, and healthful beard.